Hash Trash #1108

Hares:  Hosehead and Fey LAY!


The trail so nice we ran it twice! 


Hosehead promised us no back checks or falses but what was the first obstacle the pack encountered?  That’s right – back check 6.  Not to be out done, his friend back check 10 was lurking just around the corner.  Me thinks that wily FeyLAY! couldn’t leave well enough alone!  From the looks of the hares pre-trail, we were in for a delightful time in the shiggy of Crofton.  We just didn’t realize how delightful until we looped back on ourselves.  Fossil implored us to follow him, certain we were headed into NoNo land.  Tub Slut mentioned the collective intelligence of the pack (clearly he knows what a venerable think tank we are) and off we went back from where we’d come, certain we’d never been there before. 


After crossing what was likely the same river six times and crawling through the mud bogs, snake pits (good thing Any Cock’ll Do Me carries that big stick!), and mosquito nests, we found our way back to base camp.  We’d been gone only an hour but we were wet, dirty, and deliriously happy.  Until we realized the hares had drank all the beer.  For this they were chastised over and over, mostly by Film@11.  What were we to drink while Layover and Just Betsy wandered lost in Snake Head Hollow?  How many hashers would it take to find them?  Who else would be sacrificed to dengue fever along the way?  Reparations were made, more beer was bought, and the search parties set out while the rest of us entertained ourselves with Amazon’s tiny chair and stories of giving birth in circle. 


Proving his chivalry once and for all, Barfbag reigned victorious and returned with the misguided damsels who shared in the DFL glory.  Just Mike and his sunburn took FRB honors.  Electric Muff Chuckler led us through a rousing circle of violations, accusations, and announcements.  In celebration of her birthday, Hosehead handed out presents to all who were present.  Bunny chalk and Barrel Full of Bunny games for all!  Naturally, these gifts were quickly put to misuse. 


Things overheard along the way:


“That looks like a real beaver.”

“It’s a wonder I didn’t get wet.”

“I don’t remember cumming across anything that big!”

“It’s a baby – it’s only four feet long.”

“I was trying to keep the sludge from going in the hole.”

“I’d prefer I wasn’t sitting in this.”




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