Hash Trash # 1105 – Wear Your Rubbers!

Hare:  Pro Boner


Monsoon season couldn’t stop a dozen half-minds from donning their favorite rubber booties and frolicking to the Land O’ Pleasant Swine Flu, also known as Severna Park.  As FeyLAY! said, “If Boner lays it, I will cum.”  And lay it he did.  Unfortunately the downpour washed away most of his marks so the BAH3 was treated to a rare occurrence this day – a live hare! 


The confederacy of idiots was comprised of Just Sean and Just Matt (our virgins), 5 to 1 (visitor currently without home hash), Drippi Dick, Chewcaca, and Just Betsy (long time no seers), FeyLAY!, Pony Boy, and Film@11 (all fresh from Stinko but not smelling so fresh) and Amelia Airhead, Back Seat Box, and Any Cock’ll Do Me.


Determined to have us all contract Swine Flu, the hare ran us through every primary school within the boundaries of Severna Park.  Luckily we all made it out unscathed except for FeyLAY! and Just Betsy who both entertained us with their snorting on trail.  Our enjoyment of the pavement and rain was heightened by a Margarita check followed by a beer check.  Hell, this was enough to keep us occupied for a while so we let the poor hare have ample head (WSH?) start time at each.  Just Matt informed the group that he routinely uses the back door instead of the front door.  Just Sean let it slip that he works at a bar in Baltimore (Someone or Another’s Den of Iniquity, I believe is the name) that has a $15 all you can drink special on Sunday nights AND he holds the keys.  BING!  Does anyone else see where this is going?  I say we get it over with now and name the young lad “The Godfather.”


Trail ended at a picturesque community beach where we found Pappa Pro Boner and family had prepared us a fantastic feast!  This was almost enough to make us quit bitching about the additional $2 hash cash.  Almost.  Back Seat Box, Pony Boy, Film, Chewcaca, and 5 to 1 entertained themselves with a diving board and the Severn River.  Circle was small and intimate but entertaining.  Amelia Airhead took her place atop the FRB throne with Back Seat Box claiming DFL.  I promise we would have marked that last check if we knew you were behind us! 


We punished (rewarded) our long time no seers, Back Seat took a safety violation for playing on monkey bars in the rain, Just Matt was violated for his aforementioned sexual preference, 5 to 1 volunteered to drink for just about anything, and all the non-swimmers were violated.  We threatened to name Just Betsy but couldn’t cum up with something suitable so we’ve tabled the idea for another time.  Three Trick came late (better late than never) and took a violation for auto hashing.  Any Cock’ll Do Me was heard muttering something about the trail being too short so he decided to walk back to his truck.  Overachiever. 





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