Hash Trash #1093 – Trespassers of the World Unite

Hares:  Bobbin’ for Buttplugs and Film@11


Once upon a time in a far away land, a group of 26 hashers peacefully assembled to share in their misery of unrequited love.  Some made it on time, some were hung over from the previous day’s hash, and some were still hung over from Friday night.  The affair was going wonderfully until a farmer with a shotgun went and screwed it all up!  A perfectly wonderful trail was set but the poor pack was only able to experience a portion of its glory.  Luckily most of them made it to the beer check so they were well lubricated by the time the shotgun toting, ATV driving menace booted them from what he claims was his private property.  How dare he deny the pack their shot check!


Muffalotta and Breathless made up their own trail and arrived to the finish ahead of the pack.  Muff managed to flirt with the Park Ranger long enough to allow us to hide the cases of beer being loaded onto the hand truck.  Good looking out Muff!  Concealed safely in the shiggy, we eagerly awaited the return of the pack.  Gaelick greeted the hares each with a slap to the face.  FeyLAY commented that she wasn’t aware you could actually climb dirt.  Grand Mattress was forced to come in contact with her inner gymnast.  These are all compliments to the trail in this scribe’s humble, completely unbiased opinion!


We circled up and the fun began.  Bobbin’ was called out for overachievement in the hare category – two trails in two days.  Virgin Just Elizabeth took her fair share of violations along with virgin Just John, who had strategically placed a tear in his pants.  Naturally, the harriettes investigated.  He’ll likely be back next week. Grand Mattress once again violated us for being idiots.  Apparently at her Hasher training school they teach wankers to actually yell “OnOn”.  This garnered much rejoicing from the pack as we’ve been waiting for a training class to open!  VD, our new transplant from Tallahassee, was overwhelmed with joy that we start on time – he can’t wait to be early next week. 


OnOn to Curry Chicken,


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