Hash Trash #1082

Since your Scribe Film at 11 couldn't actually make it to the trail itself cuz she was so bizzy hotten herself up fo da party, I will record the goings on of the run and whatever. 
And perhaps she will supplement with some actual facts.
Well it had an auspicious start. or maybe it was inauspicious. Whichever one of those words means Todally Effed Up, cuz the hare wasnt there, so there's that. No but who cared. Because we knew: it was an Amazon Trail, so it would be an adventure in wandering lost; so why not start immediately.  mmm and there was an oh so delicious windchill goin on. maybe 33f and a nice frosting of snow on the ground. We faced the bracing wind by gathering in the  moldy basement of the the Da 3 Nines.  Snotback Mountem brought shot check from like weeks ago and people sucked it up. really, you are so desperate to degrade yourselves. dang how come I didn't get any.
At Your Cervix or some wanker got a phone call from the Hare saying she would be late, leaving instructions to just run behind the dumpsters over near the graffitti wall, and we'd see marks. oh but wow who would have guessed that such a classy joint as Dem 3 Nineses  had such skeazy shiggy and truck loading areas and tire/trash dumps and numerous places that looked like where the escapees from the nearby jail go hide and diddle each other, all so close by. In elite Jessup no less.  Can you believe?
Well I'm here to testify, Brother.We all had to grudgingly admit our GMs trail pretty much kicked ass. the light snow was great, lots of straight- through- the- woods bushwhacking; a good bit of that nasty viny green sticker shiggy; ( still have two imbedded in my hands) lots of downed wood to run over, oily oozing muck areas that were probably where the bodies were, a couple of fences, a shot check with a Todally Hot Chick Velvet, except what was that stuff, and No Beer Check, but Amazon couldnt make Lil Flour man a beer check AND drive her dogs around at the same time. He is SO fired.
After our lovable lout RA SloMan got his circle in gear, we paid homage to Dec 7th, our returning Soldier Gaelick, and the Irrefutably Supreme Bitch of All Possible Known Space, 3 Trick, who did a bunch of the cooking, and that stuff was gooood Mommy. She and the Pony toted a ton of equipment that went to good use by the unwashed losers that we are. Of course lots of everybody brought yummy food and it was all quite festive. Bobbin 43 Buttplugs looked rico suavey in his crisp shirt and tie. Organized, wears a tie? Clearly continuing Mismanagement material.
The Mob included lots of yer stalwart BAH3's plus a large sprinkling of new folks and nearby hashers like Just Dave, and Just Mike, who has a nose for the trail and said he fancied a trailrun when he was but a wee lad, No Child Left Behind, and insatiable hasher butterfly Jizzercize 5 Guys, who seems destined to do something memorable, often. She spent some time doing some fancy jazzercise moves in the shiggy, and wrestled the Buzzing Pleasure egg away from Backseat box at the white elephant gift thing, for which he got a 2007 calendar and a broken ball point pen.  I'm telling MiniBrew.   Buncha long time no-seers, like All the Way In,  some others, Muffalotta, who was on her way to a date and was hoping whatever she won at the gift exchange would serve as the "something special" she promised to show him tonite during visiting hours at the detention center. Stop Drop and Turd retuned this week, which truly means he is pathetic. EZ Lipps and Saintly Suds brought hash hab from overseas as their contribution to gifts, some wine holsters or something. Film's hash drinking helmet was a big hit. Lil Flour thought he was going to be able to pick up chicks swith it, but it got taken from him. Funny, none of the women went for it. no, they all went for sucking beer out of that  Big Tit beer bong device that Fey Ley brought.   
And on it went. Lots of other stuff happenened and then everybody left. The end.
On On,
AnyCock'llDo Me

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