Hash Trash #1070


a Frog Infested Railroad Track Run
Yah so first of all, your scribe for the week, if one hasn't already contributed, is a halfwit. so there's that.
So we all gathered at some railroad tracks. backseat box took my money and informed me there were three wankers in the tough buy biker bar acrost the street. excited because i needed a beer i went in and instead of BAH3 hashers where i knew my credit would be good, i found some Brand X Urban Hashers with frog hats on; all ignored my broad hint that i wanted a beer but forgot my wallet. Note to self: Non BAH3 hashers are apparently cheap.
the trail went 40 miles of railroad tracks. finally we ended up in some very pleasant shiggy, relatively open and always well marked. a loooong trail run led us back to the same forkin RR tracks.
Now we are actively hating MineBrew.
Oh but across some nice water, and several more long miles of trail running with todally lame checks and ZERO BEER, before wading back across the water and hiding in some forllorn gully for our Down Downs.
Some Untrained Goof was awarded the honor of Guest RA and soldiered on despite the acrimony of the mob arrayed before him.
A song was frought forth for the Hare and Co Hare. It went thusly, sungeth the the tuneth of Gilligens Islandeth:
Now sip your beer and I'll tell you a tale
of a drunken Sunday Hash
it started with some Natty Bo
and everyone got trashed
The Hare that day was a desperate MILF
her Co Hare crapped his pants
the Bi-Otch 3 ran down that trail
like a herd of con fused ants
ok and then he honked up the ending and that was the end of that song.
Virgins brought aboard included the comely Just Someone who is a political science intern and who was quit interested in continuing her association with hashing and the BAH3. I know this because i fully lech'd all over her and she was still enthusiastic. All this to say that if you haven't heard from her you are losers.
her compatriot, just Vivienne, was one of the Cervix Fringe Element, so that's probly enough said. wait, no not yet. she was French. that's right. the people that eat mayo on their freedom fries.
she was gathered with the Frog hatters as visitors. two of the 3 frog hatters were PUBJAM, and number 3 was from Dallas. He offered a joke in place of a song
"what 2 things in the air make a women pregnant? "
wait appropriate time…
"her legs"
Violations began and reasons were found to make all 4 Frogs drink over and over.
not sure if she had to drink for it but Amelia Airheart showed us the plentiful chigger bites all over her stomach. not once but 4 Times. Ok we know its flat but its still not hot if its covered with angry red pustules. dude you need to put on the Bug Fogger next time the Count comes to town.
some other things went down but im too drunk to remember.
thats the way it was at hash 1070.
Submitted by:   Any Cock'll Do Me

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