Hash Trash #1056

Wash Your Mouth with Soap!

Hash #1056 Hares: EZ Lipps & Saintly Suds 

Harriers & Harriettes in attendance: Just Shannon, 3 Trick Pony, Close(but no cigar), WM,FNympho, Electric Muff Chuckler, Muffalotta, Walk My Bitch, Pony Boy, Night Crawler, Fossil, Semper Seamen, Captain Cupcake, FeyLAY, Slowman, Cindy Laid Who Who?, Johnny Cockring 

How things panned out:  It was moaned and heard on trail,” This is what you get when m*r*th*n r*nners set trail”. Ouch! The pack set off heading toward the 95 overpass, leaving Fossil and Just Shannon in the dust, hmmm. Since nobody brought chalk, Three Trick thought it would be wise to send her faithful steed, Pony Boy, back to rescue the damsel Shannon. This, of course, left her without assistance for the stream crossings, “fish fornicate in there” was her cry! As luck would have it, the chivalrous Close (as in Glenn) happened to be hashing (first time in eight years). He carried her over the first stream, but she traversed the second stream completely on her own uttering “this is as deep as it’s ever been”… too perfect.  

We did a huge circle to the beer check (still no sign of PB, JS and F). Some chose to take the walkers trail from there and some of us trudged forward to the most interesting part of the trail. A team effort was MANDATORY for getting through the tiniest crawl spaces laden with carnivorous claws of the copse. Under the fence and down an extremely steep hill and though the water, ahhh hashing, it really doesn’t get much better than this. From there it was smooth trailing up to the circle, which didn’t happen because a rather large cop came and booted everyone out.  It was decided to carry on to/at the hares’ lair. 

Down downs were passed around and consumed for the usual violations, but when  someone suggested re-naming 3Trick, who constantly whines about her name, she said “first things first” and the proceedings were started for Just Shannon’s naming. Some of the names suggested were: Goat Whisperer (favorite animal), Smell My Goat (guess who), Pole Slider (firehouse debacle, related to chosen name), Keeping the Snatch Clean (refers to her dog Hairy Snatch), Triple 7s (Las Vegas mistake), Solar Fish Taco (her firm represents a solar company?), My P*ssy Smells Like Fish, Bass-Turd Master (fisherman: see Vegas mistake). After the voting, EMC announced that Just Shannon will forevermore be known in Hashdom as Film @ 11…  EZ Lipps and Saintly Suds fed us and lubed us and the rest of the evening was spent drinking and playing Musical Laps sans music or was it Whose Hand is on My  Breast…or maybe, Would You Check me for Ticks, could have been Would You Mind Photographing My Breasts for HashSpace?



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