History of BAH3

The omnipotent hash powers of the time created the Annapolis hash in April in year 48 of the hash (being 48 years after the first run of the Kuala Lumpur Hash – that would make the year 1986 for those being mathematically declined) and the Baltimore hash in June in year 52 of the hash (1990).

The co-founders of the Annapolis hash were Marty (Mad Dog) Cover and Dolph (Double D) Diemeont. The co-founders of the Baltimore hash were Elaine (Swamp Bitch) Davis and Ariel (Areola) Ortegon.

The powers and commoners alike saw this, and thought it was good, and there was much rejoicing (and then they ate Sir Robin’s Minstrel).

The Annapolis Hash ran on alternating Sundays in the cold-ass months and on Wednesdays in the hot-ass months of Maryland. The Baltimore Hash ran on alternating Sundays year round.

In the year 56 of our hash (1994), in the merry merry month of May, the Baltimore and Annapolis hashes were combined under the leadership of Pat (Hangman) Lynch (the Grand Master of both the Baltimore and the Annapolis Hash at the time) to create what would be come known as the Baltimore-Annapolis Hash House Harriers. And again the powers and commoners alike saw this and thought it was good (or at least most of them), and there was much rejoicing (and drinking, running, celebrating, fornicating and all the other things we do when we rejoice). The new hash was to run on Sunday (everyone Sunday instead of alternating ones) from thenceforth. To fill the emptiness created by the lost alternating Wednesday night hash of the Annapolis Hash, the Maryland Dirt Road Hash was spontaneously formed to provide the hash an outlet and prevent pent-up hash frustrations.