Hash Trash # 1035 – Valentine Hash

Hash # 1035 – Valentine Hash

Date: 10 February 2008

Hares: At Your Cervix

Trail: Bondage, bricks, and bloody cold

Approximately 25 hounds braved the arctic winds, along with a brief visit from MadDog, to celebrate Cervix anal-versary and his half-hearted attempt at cupid. After Spitz.cum “hearted” everyone, the pack was instructed to separate, then get tied or carry a brick. And to avoid reprisals from Cervix, everyone did post hast. Except for Amazon.cum, who ran off leaving LittleFlour behind who then immediately injured himself trying to keep up with her. Love is blind and very painful. There rest of the pack were off, tied together, while the “broken hearted” had to sh*t a brick while they ran.

While trying to avoid trees, thorns, and looking for rose petals, the pack stayed close together until the walker/runner split. The walkers then meandered among the missing rose bushes, until they met up with the confused runners, circling a school three times before MinnieBrew and her foot-slave found their way to bright pink flour again.

The pack then zigged and zagged through the trees, finally finding their way back to the start. There began circle and dispersals of requisite violations. Cervix went down first, followed by FRPs BobbinButtPlug and his twin-in-bondage, (??), who enjoyed cuming first together. There were some long time no-seers (??), Just Bill’s virgin offspring, and then further accusations were discussed and argued about until AmeliaAirHead couldn’t pour any more beer. FeyLey and Noah were having a private party, staying warm and cozy under a blanket, and not sharing.

Circle ended with chattering teeth and frozen nipples, and so off went a dozen hounds to the on-after, Along the way, a 100 mph wind apparently broke an electric line, falling to the road, where several hounds tried to run over it thinking it was an offending snake. Arriving at Kauffmans, the pack soon realized that the electricity was missing and draft beer couldn’t be poured. Uh? Disappointed, the group did enjoy one round of $5 bottled beer, a brief discussion on sports and politics, and departed early to find free flowing electricity and continue discussions of cupid’s arrow, eating candy, and more bondage, I think, cuz I left.

And that’s the way it was, real or imagined. Errors or omissions accepted (so send an e-mail to: sallysportahoy@yahoo.com if it matters)

On-Sec Scribe: Spitz.cum


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