Hash Trash # 1034 – Super Bowl Pick Up Hash (Annapolis)

Hash # 1034 – Super Bowl Pick Up Hash (Annapolis)Date: 2 February 2008

Hares: ECDC (hash arranger)

Trail: Slopping seconds

And so, there we were, hoping NOT to get the short end of the stick and be-cum the “pick up” hare…but alas, ECDC selected the one hound who couldn’t even speak English – off you go Pyro. After waiting the requisite 10 minutes, the pack of 30 began their hunt for the Czech, but was immediately stymied, failing to find true trail — until some hound sniffed it out – the pack then cut across the bridge for a very very very long time, until Pyro got “creamed.” Then off again went the second hare, ECDC, with a 50 lb bag of un-used flour. The pack then got f*cked, twice, and finally, but found their way to the parking garage – where ECDC had to throw one of his balls at the pack just to get their attention. Fuzzy and dusty.

Then, Amelia Airhead briskly picked up the next 50 yrds but found herself trapped with no where to go — so she scaled an 8 ft rot-iron fence, got her crotch pinched, and then a galent young hound came to her rescue and swung “it” open, wide for her.There were several more pick up hares who took the pack to the beer check, where Mayorally Challenged showed us how NOT to follow him – and where we found NO BEER!

The hounds did finally find there way back to the start and began moaning and whining.  Slow Man was then anointed RA and started circle. First, all the hares were toasted (and roasted) and given numerous down-downs for shitty trail – and MuffaLata served as beer wench,  pouring iced-cold beer for all. Quickly moving to “crimes on trail,” down-downs were liberally handed out to the whiners (Amazon & Spitz), to the “long-time no seers” (Gaylick and others), and to not-having-sex-on trail (Spitz, Gaylick, her dog, and Pyro). Of course, Cervic was adjudged for failing the beer check for the non-walkers along with (?).  The group then moved on to TWO namings – Just Ina (Cum-rade PissOnYa) and Just Bob (Bobbin-for-Buttplug).

And then, all of a sudden, Fossil tried to kill a fly with his cap, but accidently hit Amelia Airhead and WWIII began. This was followed up with Cervix who tried to promote his Valentines Hash with threats of reprisals. With that, the pack proceeded to the warmth and wetness of Amazon’s hot tub that was welcomed by all.

And that’s the way it was, real or imagined. Errors or omissions accepted (so send an e-mail to: sallysportahoy@yahoo.com if it matters)On-Sec Scribe: Spitz.cum

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