Noahhh’s Birthday Hash Trash

I will apologise in advance for the following report.
I was shunned and had to observe the festivities
from afar. Here are a few observations:
 Upon my arrival the beautiful Velvet Vulva was in
deep conversation with the renowned Noahhh. Given
my distance it was difficult to overhear but I did hear
"happy ending" which made Noahhh smile broadly.
 Tackle Box brought her mouthpiece Lawyer Dan,
he was doing a good job of keeping the unwashed
masses from bothering her.
 Just Samantha came in and immediately left with
Noahhh. She came back a little while later with bruised
forearms and a satisfied grin. Who knows what
depraved acts Noahhh was doing with her.
 At one point Fossil was huddled with Strange Ground
Chuck discussing the domestication of farm animals.
Your guess is as good as mine as to what they were
really talking about.
 Don't Ask, Don't Swell was batting her beautiful blue
eyes at Noahhh in a blatant attempt to seduce him.
To his credit he was having none of that. The guy, Greg
that she found in the parking lot and brought inside was
not amused either.
 Amazon & Little Flour were all lovie-dovie, I felt like
throwing cold water on them. Get a room next time.
 The gorgeous Velvet Vulva showed up again later,
apparently she wanted a second "visit" with Noahhh.
What a lucky man that Noahhh is.

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