Hash Trash # 1030 Twelve Day into Night (Epi-fanny HASH)

Hash Trash  # 1030 Twelve Day into Night (Epi-fanny HASH)Hares: Spitz.cum & Pyro

Date: Sunday, January 06 2008


Trail: Ye olde hares were delight-eth from the swell of buffoons (35+) doth cummeth this day. Festive courtesans donned crowns and jester garb, and others were led by 4-legged creatures and other’s with rolling-wheels and whee-ones abound.


And lo, upon the gift of drink from Master Cervic, the revelries began the day. Then away — away they trod, through bush and wetness, long and hard, they tried to cum…to receive more drink. Crossing the bridge they arrived, dry for thirst, and drink they had. But alas, there was one more pass, a dark wet tunnel from which all minstrels found their way to the beginning…eventually.


Hear ye thy circle began, with a beer wench pumping and bouncing to the excitement of the crowd, serving all who doth cum. Thou officiating fool led accusations (FRB to Master Peeter Puller whilst DFL was given to Master UpOnMyNeice). There were more toasts to the courtesans and much rejoicing until all drink was emptied, na-er a drop remained. Upon which a large collection went forth to eat, drink more, and continue the merriment “into the night.” Tis most splendid an event —  whilst see thou next year!

And that’s the way it was, real or imagined. Errors or omissions accepted (so send an e-mail to: sallysportahoy@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it if it matters)

On-Sec Scribe: Spitz.cum


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