Marine Corps Marathon Beer Check Hash Trash

It was a cold, windy spot along Crystal Drive, at least we were in the sun.
I struggled under the weight of the 30 pack, 6 blocks is a long way to schlep one of those
things. Note to self- get a wheeled cooler, plus then you have something to sit on too.
As I arrived on the scene (at the ungodly hour of 9:30!) I was disappointed to see no other
BAH3 hashers there. Since there were several of our kennel in the race it would have been
nice for them to see several friends cheering them on.
Here are some disjointed recollections:
Wooly Mammary's looking chic in his sarong, hawaiian shirt & straw hat, Runway Snatch
serenading the runners with various 80's tunes, Motor Mouth having to explain twice (!!) to
the police why we should be able to give our friends beer ( to quote the cop- "pour it out"
then he wouldn't even let us hand out water. When I explained that we had beer checks in
Baltimore & Annapolis he said "we have an open container law in Arlington County", duh
everyone has that law), Big Ass Mother F*cker mooning us as he ran by, Holy Tit took the
time to write "flash me" on the back of his race number then of course mooning us and the
best of all… Dairy Queen doing a car bomb (Guiness & Bailey's) then finishing the marathon
THAT is amazing

At Your Cervix

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