Hash Trash #1018

The Rennfest hash was a debacle. The food was amazing, though. ECDC (the hare) using technology (GPS) on the trail…GOT LOST. Holy shit, how does one get lost on trail with GPS? Oh, he said he lost his signal, no telling what that could mean. A poor defenseless virgin sprained her ankle on trail (she only passed through a little shiggy). I thought, well, she should certainly earn a name…Virgin Swell…ahh memories. Anyway… Amazon (I didn't see her when we started) pulled up the rear with her beautiful doggies along and there were a couple of Barf guys and my sister hasher Lay Over and Minnie Brew? Hmmm…DCH4 was there as well. The most lovely Sushi A La Carte and her man in waiting Thor the Wanker were in attendance and Dead Hare (who for a dead guy has amazing nipples), hmmm let’s see there was ever disappearing Bobby Long Hare and Strange Ground Chuck and (I don’t think he was from DCH4, but the Pun guy…was he a barf dude? Jeez, who knows, I had to move away during the circle (crampy cheeks)? There was a really nice man that took care of the swelling virgin…I don't remember his name. There was also a Sauer woman and her children (I saw them later at the Renaissance Festival with a man who was stocked with huge turkey legs (not his, although they looked mighty meaty). Dreadfully sorry if I missed someone, but I am old… oh well.

Respectfully submitted,
DCH4(should be 3, I am a harrier)

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