Hash Trash #1017

Fossil, our Grand Masterbaster, discovered some new park.  It was so new
that only the local crazy lady was there!  And then there was us crazie

No beer check, mucky water crossing, guaranteed ankle grabbing briars and
sawgrass were all promised at the circle.  The pack was off in 80+ heat!
With, once again, NO BEER CHECK!  The pack was tough, not me though.  I
entertained Fossil with a lap dance – just to prove to him how great those
camping chairs really are!

NoaHHH, Cervix and Pony Boy (The latter 2 still recovering from the Red
Dress Run) decided to perform a beer mile of their own in the parking lot.
After drinking all the beer, they stole Drippi Dick's car to replenish our

Back Seat Box was Front Running Bastard.   And then there was Amazon, a
different kind of FRB, with her Little Flower in tow.  Also missing some
common sense: Just Chris, a born again Virgin (nice legs, before and after
trail!),  May'Oral Fixation, a Transplant couple from Fort Worth (welcome
lovers!), Air Force visitor from Okinowa (his name escapes my gray matter),
Minnow Fuck (Also RDR recoverer), Up Chuck Fuck, and Hose Head (long time no

The On-After lasted just as long as trail!  Their menu was last printed in
the 80's and the prices reflected it; My BLT was only $3.50, but the crown
that broke while scarfing down their food will set me back just a bit more.
🙂  Duffy's Bar was also a drive-thru Liquor store.  If I had been thinking,
which I don't, I wouldn't have loaded up the car for the drive home.

Love Y'All – ON ON!!

Velvet Vulva

( o Y o )

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