Hash Trash #996

Hash House Harriers

From the land of pleasant shiggy

TRASH: Run #996
May 13, 2007
Hare: Electric Muff Chuckler

It was a dark & stormy night,
the rain lashed the windows violently,
lightning flashed like God's personal strobe light,
the wind blew so hard it shook my house
but then
Mothers Day dawned bright & sunny
everywhere mom's awoke to breakfast in bed
lovingly prepared by their families
after a morning filled with family activities
4 of those moms said "screw this, I need a break from these screaming brats. I'm going hashing"
We gathered at the sight of the world famous beer mile
there were virgins (which I was warned to stay away from),
transplants, long time- no see wankers & other reprobates.
And we were off !!!
we went this way, we went that way
we went over hills, we went under dale
once in a while we saw flour
finally, thankfully we found the beer check
After much needed rehydration, the trail went downhill from there. Unfortunately what goes down (anyone? anyone?)
goes back up
and up
and up
This trail reminded me of the song "In through the out door"
why? you ask- because the in trail looked amazingly like the out trail.
Some said it was the same, I beg to differ, there were at least 2 places that I stepped in a different spot.
We circled, we rejoiced, we celebrated the 4 women that truly personify the term M.I.L.F.- Amelia Airhead, 3 Trick Pony, No-No & Mini-Brew.
We retired to the 3 9's at that point & continued celebrating.
Please note: there is a movement afoot to rename Pony Boy to Saint Pony Boy. Anyone who can put up with those 3 shrieking women is truly a saint (or deaf).
At Your Cervix

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