Hash Trash #985

Hash House Harriers

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TRASH: Run #985
February 25, 2007
Hare: Felch Monkey

Sunday dawned gray & dismal, like a scorned lover, the promised freezing rain was in fact a blizzard of epic size. (somewhere Meatless is laughing) Felch hid from the stark reality as long as he could. He faced the impossible task of setting a trail in the falling snow. The first time he set the trail in blue flour which was quickly covered up. The next time he set the trail in white toilet paper (note to future hares- white toilet paper in invisible in white snow). The third & final time he set the trail is pale yellow surveyors tape. He started out with 2 feet of tape, since he is a government employee he is on a budget so when he was done he still had 1.5 feet of tape. As the hashers arrived at the prescribed site we were greeted with the sight of Back Seat Box pelting Micro Brew with snow- balls while Mini Brew was laughing manically. The poor child is scarred for life. We started running for our lives while Felch was yelling "to the right", 3 Trick Pony took him at his word and disappeared to the right. We never saw her again. As we made our way through the snowdrifts we kept losing Ranger Dick, at one point he fell & apparently broke his finger. "Put snow on it" transplant Cindy kept yelling as she also fell. At this time the pack got split up, Pyro kept yelling & pointing but no one understood a thing he was saying. Fortunatley Spitz was there to translate for us. We finally stumbled back to Felch's abode where we discovered we had been running in circles less than 100 feet from his house the whole time. Damn Columbia, everything looks the same. We ate, we drank, we circled, we violated Pony Boy for driving his glorified skateboard to Pa. in the blizzard, we violated your humble narrator for trying to crash his ex-wife's SUV.

Many thanks to Felch for setting a trail on very short notice.


Alas, no re-namings this week

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