Hash Trash #984

Hash House Harriers

From the land of pleasant shiggy

TRASH: Run #984
February 18, 2007
Hares: 3 Trick Pony and Pony Boy

It was a bitterly cold blast of arctic air that swept across the frozen tundra and enveloped the Swedish bikini ski team. As they rubbed their bare ski with warming oil (oops, wrong story)

It was a bitterly cold blast of arctic air that penetrated the small band of hashers as they stood in the parking lot admiring my new red Tercel. Pony Boy brought his new car too but we ignored it. Because of the snow PB thought it would be wise to use off-white flour to mark the trail. A wise choice, a wiser choice would have been red, orange, blue, burnt sienna or any other color that would stand out. So off we went, all except Back Seat Box who wanted to test his car battery by leaving his door open. He quickly caught up as we dipped into the woods. After much fumbling around we emerged from said woods to a nice long smooth ice-laden hill that had hundreds of little trees planted in nice rows, Not any more, we started sliding down the hill on the ice and mowed them babies down. We went back into the woods for more fun, at this point Ranger Dick & BSB went skipping off hand-in-hand to the right when the rest of the group followed the trail to the left. We emerged from the woods again & spied the bag vehicle, "beer check" we cried in unison but no, it was a cruel tease by 3 Trick (not the first time she has teased us either). Again into the damn woods, finally we spied 2 forlorn figures bundled up in the refreshing breeze, it was PB & Tackle Anna Nicole's Box with a bourbon shot check! From there it was a short jaunt to the end, it would have been shorter except that we kept going up & sliding back down this one icy hill. Finally the fat guy broke through the crust so Pyro, Spits (transplants) & Mother Chalker (vistor) could scamper up the hill. We then convened at the bag truck to quaff an ice cold beer but quickly decided to go where it was warm. We went to a warm place where Felch led us in a heart-warming circle. About this time BSB & RD joined us after running around the earth the long way. After many beers, Tackle Anna Nicole's Box & Anna Nicole's Electric Muff Cream decided to rename Mini Brew (she had already left). Because she is a big NASCAR fan she is now known as Mini Dick Trickle Not a real renaming, but it is a funny name on-on

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