Hash Trash #982

Hash House Harriers

From the land of pleasant shiggy

TRASH: Run #982
February 4, 2007
Hares: Fossil

It was a dark & stormy night

oops, wrong story It was a cold & windy day, we unfortunate few gathered on the frozen shores of the Patuxent River and subjected ourselves to the torture of a Fossil trail. He was assisted by the diminutive "just" Megan but I don't hold her responsible, it was her virgin lay- she was innocent. When I, your humble narrator, arrived a small crowd was gathered at the feet of our resident haberdasher, Velvet Vulva, as she begiled the men into sampling (& buying) her wares. I was surprised to see Back Seat Box in the rabid mob since Minnie Brew was so close, I was not surprised to see Slowman & Bowser leering at her. Then the pack was off !!! led with gazelle-like enthusiasm by Extra Creamy Dog, I was DFL as we entered (nice word) the woods- its always better to follow Amelia than lead her (although Slowman may know better than I). We went over hills, over dales, we were going, we were coming (& always too soon). At one point BSB ran willy-nilly across a log to the far bank of the river, why ?? we asked ourselves then we ran on & forgot all about him. Later I, your humble narrator, turned around to see "just" Aaron standing in the woods. He just materialized out of thin air, I would have picked a warmer place myself but he was in Oregon recently so he's forgiven. At this point the cold started to take over so the rest of the hash receded into the frozen part of my brain. I vaguely remember a satanic ritual led by Fossil & Back Seat around a raised circular altar decorated with pumpkin carcasses, then we chanted & sacrificed the virgin to the gods. She was led off into the mists & returned a different person, aaah the miraculous power of beer turned her into "Sindy laid who who", a very apt name if I say so myself. & we all liver happily ever after ooops, wrong story on-on At Your Cervix

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