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Hash House Harriers

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TRASH: Run #974
December 10, 2006
Hares: Pony Boy and 3 Trick Pony

TRASH OF THE HASH WHAT: BAH3 #974, WHEN: Sun Dec 10th at 3 PM HARES: Pony Boy / 3 Trick Pony WHERE: Columbia, MD at Lake Kittamaqundi (by the Columbia Mall)

Trash of the Hash BAH3 Hare: Pony Boy and company

But, a naming IS rather an event, enough to pull your lazy once in awhile scribe out of her kitchen and dish in another setting.

Who would have guessed, as we locals were chilled to our bones on Friday with the first threat of snow and woe, that on Sunday, we would once again be blessed with a 50ish sunshine. But nothing good is without its cost, the warm air bringing also the unhappy view of Extra Creamy's legs. Worse yet, the mangled remnants of M'orally Challenged bruised and battered shins….

We gathered in the parking lot of Clodumbia's Library. The fine weather brought travelers from the outer limits, Ground Chuck and Happy on His Knees. Long time no see-ers Fun Size and Oedi-Pussy were fooled into thinking winter was over. Even Dimsdale had a touch of spring fever, braving a bit of a fall early in the run and pulling Fossil to the beckoning on on call to the woods.

This is what I can tell you about the trail. A bit of pavement to start, then woods swamp, squishy muck, patched of ice and crunching to water under our feet. A rather motley band of bimbos, (Mini Brew, Gaelick, Don't Ask Don't Swell, the Just Jody,Kat and Sam). In the tradition of a Greek Chorus, they provided a musical backdrop with cries of pain and pleasure, and motivated the pack to continue continue continue. Enough back checking to keep the pack together. Lost walkers? how does one loose walkers? Ask Velvet Vulva, Just Amy and Dashboard Diver.

Mayorally Fixated and At your Cervix provided ways to avoid the muck, or to plow through it.. Stream crossings as you like them, from hopscotch on the maybe firm footing rocks, or sometimes a bridge, to the more direct approach, and water up to your thighs. As the sun set, and the waterlogged body parts increased, the hare's wish for us to stay and linger at the beer check was over ruled. A final push through dead weeds and muck and then, the circle. and oh yes, a naming.

Fossil, pulled into rare form as RA, moved quickly past some of the usual violations. Virgin Just Sam with studliver Just Jody, and over achieving Tackle Box, did do the required down downs. Oh by the way, Just Amy with hasher-babe on board, we'll get both you AND that father to be on the next round. Engagements? later, Funsize. In a more relaxed mode, Sloman and Electric Muff Chuckler may have had a beer or six to do for their buff white turtle necks, pretty dapper on trail, but hey, fashion violations in the no longer summer and soon to be freezing day? move it on.

Taking advantage of spies in the circle, and in spite of the dwindling beer and the dropping temperatures, the pack took to the task of naming. I've heard alot of "how I came stories", and this one is in the top 10. How many asses, branded with a foot, misdiagnosed as a Hash foot, are attached to a brain that then asks, "What the fuck is Hashing?"

This, and the love of Waffle House food (OBVIOUSLY a karmic throw back to our bored in Malaysia founders Hash Hash diner) inspired the pack. Therefore, no longer Just Jody, but at BAH3 and all over the Hashing world, "Foot up your Smothered and Covered Ass"

Welcome, "Smothered and Covered", Shiggified and Hashified.

Your faithful scribe, Hosehead

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