2018 Green Dress Run

Model_in_green_dressWHAT: 11
th Anal Green Dress Run, its time to drag out your mom’s green prom dress, wax the legs and get ready to run, drink & be merry!!!!

WHEN: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
11am to 6pm — after that you’re on your own

Peabody Heights Brewing
401 E 30th St Baltimore, MD 21218

HOW MUCH: $30, for this you get beer, shots, beer, trail, beer and a frolicking good time

HARES: Bobbin for Buttplugs, Ponyboy, Crash Test Dumbass, Beetlejizz and A Phone Named Gerbil.

TRAIL NOTES: WEAR A GREEN DRESS & bring a sense of humor, as in past GDR’s it is a parade through the tourists so very little shiggy, mostly pavement and lots of alcohol.

In order to drink, you must get a wristband when you arrive — don’t lose it. As long as you have a wristband, you can keep drinking.

Food: You’re not getting a meal. You get a sandwich to tide you over. Plus the typical orange food. Plan to get a meal before or after.

No ID required for trail, but obviously, you’ll need them at the venue.

INFO: No day of admittance for non-registered green dresses. Swap regos amongst yourselves and send the outcome to ponyboy@bah3org.  He’ll work out how to get the attendee list correct.

Sold Out!

Who's Coming!

Hash NameKennel
Bobbin for ButtplugsBAH3
Chix Won’t StickBAH3
Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, BeetlejizzBAH3
Dude, That GuyDCFM
Holy TitEWH3
Daniel PoonBAH3
Carpe ScrotumBAH3
Learner SpermitBAH3
Miles Ze DongBAH3
Girl Scout CookiesBAH3
Mud FlapsBAH3
Velvet VulvaBah3
At Your CervixBAH3
Just ErinBah3
Nocturnal MissionFort Eustis H3
Lick StickHarrisburg Hershey H3
Full Cock AheadSMUTTy Crab HHH
Floppy AttachmentStuttgart H3
Crash Test DumbassBAH3
Transplant it in MeBAH3
Double FisterStuttgart H3
Just MikeHomeless
Just WillHomeless
Pay Per ViewDCH4
Tour duh WhoreDCH4
Cleavage to BeaverBAH3
Follow Me Down the Dirty Dick RoadOFH3
In Vino VulvitasOFH3
Do-Me Decimal DominatrixBAH3
Daddy's Little ScreamerBAH3/CCH3
Map My CuntSMUTTy Crab H3
Bourbon Street BitchSMUTTy Crab H3
Candy Cornhole BAH3
Blonde RootsBAH3
District 69WH4/DCRW
The Cock WhispererA3H3
Just Rubbin On The ChildrenBAH3
Hadouken BaltimoreANNAPOLIS 8ch three
AssfixiationWhite House Hash
Can U Not Tinkle OFH3
Johnnie CockringBAH3
Sister Angry Dragon OFH3
Black Don't QuackCCH3
Fuck a DuckCCH3
A Phone Named GerbilBAH3
Beer and a bag full of Dildos...Good TimesSMUTTy H3
Seriously 5-10CCH3
General Tso’s DickenEWH3
Deetz NutzEWH3
Ass SpelunkerDCH4
Late Nite Drive ThruDCH4
Colliteral DamageEWH3
She Has Small HandsCCH3
Vaginal CountdownEWH3
Head InjuryEWH3
Unleash the FurrryCCH3
Blow Me Closer Tiny Dancer EWH3
Poopies N CreamBAH3
Bipolar BearEWH3
Cheech and song Ewh3
Blinded by the SpoogeDCH4
Canned P*ssyDCH4/HBH3
Just DavidEWH3
Just Katrinahomeless
Bent Over Sap SuckerBAH3
Just AngelaBAH3
Junk on a TrunkBAH3
Bambi's BitchBAH3
Just Kim... plays the field...
Math Sucks, Let's F*ck!DCH4
Great SexpectationsCCH3
Cocktickle IllusionCCH3
Extra Creamy Dog CrapBAH3
Amerigo VespoogiEWH3
Lube in the TubeBAH3
She Has Small HandsCCH3
Just NicoleBAH3
Just Sarah homeless
Diddler on the RoofBAH3
Periodic Table DancerBAH3
Just JessieOFH3
Just KatieHomeless
Just KaraHomeless
Vagina Day No WaySHIT