2017 Green Dress Run

Model_in_green_dressWHAT: 10
th Anal Green Dress Run, its time to drag out your mom’s green prom dress, wax the legs and get ready to run, drink & be merry!!!!

WHEN: Saturday, March 18th, 2017
Doors open @ noon
Pack away at 2pm

The Fleet Reserve Club
100 Compromise Street
Annapolis, MD

HOW MUCH: $35, for this you get beer, shots, beer, trail, beer and a frolicking good time

HARES: At Your Cervix, Bobbin for Buttplugs, Velvet Vulva, Ponyboy & mystery hares

TRAIL NOTES: WEAR A GREEN DRESS & bring a sense of humor, as in past GDR’s it is a parade through the tourists so very little shiggy, mostly pavement, lots of alcohol, a tour of the Naval Academy, runners trail with eagle/turkey split and walkers trail.

INFO: No day of admittance for non-registered green dresses. Swap regos amongst yourselves and send the outcome to ponyboy@bah3org.  He’ll work out how to get the attendee list correct.

HOTEL: We don’t have an official hotel but the Robert Johnson House (part of the historic Inns of Annapolis) is where several hashers are staying. On that note I want to emphasize how important it is that no one drives home (or anywhere) after the hash. Too much alcohol to be driving, get a room, make a friend & share a room but please do not drive.

PARKING: There is no parking at the Fleet Reserve Club.  They will tow your vehicle! Noah Hillman garage is the closest – or preferably the hotel where you are staying.

Sold Out!

Who's Coming!

Hashers Registered = 106 of 105

Hash NameKennel
Double-D AssBAH3
Beer and a bag full of big glittery brown dildos... good times.SMMUTy
HoseheadWide Spot in the Dirt Road
Seriously 5-10CCH3
Mud FlapsBAH3.org
Blonde RootsBAH3
Transplant it in MeBah3
Crash Test DumbassBah3
Can U Not Tinkle OFH3
Tiny Two StrokeSMUTTy Crab H3
Johnnie CockringBAH3
Tree WaySMUTTy Crab
Any cock'll do meBah3
CraigsFist BAH3
BananaSplitNaked Pirate
ClitlerNaked Pirate
Hung Like a SlinkyBAH3
Just AmberBAH3
Just JesseBAH3
Spitz.cum DCRW
Bobbin for ButtplugsBAH3
Don't have oneBh3
Lil sisterBah3
Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, BeetlejizzBAH3
Dude, That GuyeWH3
Green Velvet Smutty crab H3
Hard on the beaverSmutty crab H3
Mango BangoOFH3
Spread the HelixCCH3
Third Man InSMUTTy Crab H3
Gunna Probably SpewBAH3
I Can't Dive 55DCRW
Just TerriBAH3
Just QuintinBAH3
Blinded by the SpoogeDCH4
Ass SpelunkerDCH4
Late Nite Drve ThruDCH4
Fish N TitsWH4
Fuck a DuckCharm City H3
Black Don't QuackCCH3
Stain GretzkyEWH3
Atari 6900EWH3
My Hole's On FireCCH3
Obi Wan Cum Blow MeWH4
Just Rubbin On The ChildrenBAH3
Chigger Please!BBAH3
Scuba DeuceSMUTTy Crab
Do-Me Decimal DominatrixBAH3
For Sale or RentWH4 MVH3
Jizzercise 5 GuysMVH3
Daddy's Little ScreamerBAH3
Orange is the New SnatchOFH3
Bambi's BitchBAH3
Can't Find Pussy in a HaystackWH4
A League of her GnomeOFH3
Bourbon Street BitchSMUTTy H3
Map My CuntSMUTTy Crab H3
Just CaseySMUTTy crab H3
Just ChadSMUTTy crab H3
@ss GaggerKeep Austin Weird H3
Just KimHomeless
She Has Small HandsCCH3
Just EthanHomeless
Diddler on the RoofBAH3
Periodic Table DancerBAH3
Kinky Gay BabushkaHomeless
Stevie WunderlicDCH4
Pump N DumpDC Road Whore
Ass OgreOTH4
The Hair Up ThereCCH3
Sandusky Train Dookie7H4
Uncanned Hot Ass MessesLVH3
Park & RideDCH4
Kooter KunteWH4
Roll Over BitchEWH3
Havaner Inner Vaginer7H4
Should Of Swallowed For An A (SOS)7H4
Rapunzel Rapunzel Let Down Your Pubes7H4
In Vino Vulvitas OFH3
It Don't Talk7H4
Masterbatin' Cunts7h4
The Cock WhispererAAAHHH!!!
The Big LimpbowskiHurricane H3
Bic in the DickBAH3
Just SeanHomeless
Just CrystalHomeless
Just TonyHomeless
Candy Cornhole BAH3
District 69DCRW/WH4
Just Lindsay7H4
just joeOFH3
Leaner SpermitBah3
Just BillBAH3