2018 Green Dress Run

Model_in_green_dressWHAT: 11
th Anal Green Dress Run, its time to drag out your mom’s green prom dress, wax the legs and get ready to run, drink & be merry!!!!

WHEN: Saturday, March 17th, 2018
11am to 6pm — after that you’re on your own

Peabody Heights Brewing
401 E 30th St Baltimore, MD 21218

HOW MUCH: $30, for this you get beer, shots, beer, trail, beer and a frolicking good time

HARES: Bobbin for Buttplugs, Ponyboy, Crash Test Dumbass, Beetlejizz and A Phone Named Gerbil.

TRAIL NOTES: WEAR A GREEN DRESS & bring a sense of humor, as in past GDR’s it is a parade through the tourists so very little shiggy, mostly pavement and lots of alcohol.

In order to drink, you must get a wristband when you arrive — don’t lose it. As long as you have a wristband, you can keep drinking.

Food: You’re not getting a meal. You get a sandwich to tide you over. Plus the typical orange food. Plan to get a meal before or after.

No ID required for trail, but obviously, you’ll need them at the venue.

INFO: No day of admittance for non-registered green dresses. Swap regos amongst yourselves and send the outcome to ponyboy@bah3org.  He’ll work out how to get the attendee list correct.

Sold Out!

Who's Coming!

Hash NameKennel
Crash Test DumbassBAH3
Any Cock'll Do MeBAH3
HOSEHEADMaryland Wide Spot in the Dirt Road
Gonna probably spewBAH3
Ass SpelunkerDCH4
Blazing Straddles H5
Unhitched CockH5
Late nite drive thruDch4
Udderly Vanilla BAH3
Daddy’s Little ScreamerBAH3
Dude, That Guy DCFMH3
Learner SpermitBAH3
Miles Ze DongBAH3
Can U Not Tinkle OFH3
Bambi's BitchBAH3
MoreMen Pukes TonightBAH3
Sir LancelitteDCRW
Lick StickH5
All Day I Dream About SausageBAH3
Diddler on the roofBAH3
Beer and a Bag Full of Dildos... Good Times!SMUTTy/BAH
Na Na Na Na Na NaBAH3
A Phone Named GerbilBAH3
Mud FlapsBAH3
Bar Rack O Bar ManMexico City H3
Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, BeetlejizzBAH3
Rump BumperTH3
Senior Sodomizing SlutOTH4
Leaning Tower of Please YaEWH3
Silence of the ClamsBAH3
Bang Em StyleBAH3
Tragic Carpet RideEWH3
Floppy Attachment Stuttgart H3
Cheap Ass GigoloBAH3
Just JennBAH3
Nocturnal MissionRichmond H3
Incredible Edible ShmeggDCH4
Marco HomoBAH3
1000 Watt TwatBAH3
Cleavage to BeaverBAH3
Seriously 5-10CCH3
Depaetment of Vegetable AffairsHBH3
Deer PenthouseHBH3
Bent Over Sap SuckerBAH3
Pay Per ViewDCH4
Just ChrisBAH3
Uno, Dos, Tres, LIFTOFF!Everyday Is Wednesday H3
Anal FissionEwh3
Read Between the SlimeWH4
How I Met My BrotherWH4
Knock Knock It’s DaddyOTH4
Free CuntryFlour City H3
Uncle JohnFlour City H3
Just AndrewHomeless
Piss CycleRH3
In Vino VulvitasOFH3
The Bearded Flying LadyOFH3
The WayDC Road Whores
Tour Duh WhoreBAH3
Bic In The DickBAH3
zz bottom the 3rdBAH3