BAH3 Trail# 1631 – White Elephant Gift Exchange and Trail

January 27, 2019 @ 1:00 pm
5520 Pennington Ave
MD 21226

At the Titty bar. GPS, CTD, and AYC Haring.

WHERE: the parking lot of Fantasies Night Club
5520 Pennington Avenue, Baltimore, Md. (the same as last year)
COST: $6.00
WHY: because its a great excuse to keep the Christmas spirit alive before
the gloom and doom of the current administration
WHAT to give you ask. $25 max. Here are some memorable gifts from Elephants past
the box of VHS porn (w/a VHS player)(now its on a flash drive)
the “Dummies guide to Anal” so coveted by Little Flour
the statue of Jesus playing soccer with the little children
Evil Jesus’ 3 year old hashing shoes & by accident his brand new ones
the Home Depot gift card with $0 on it, Beer, Alcohol, Hashy Stuff
(I think you get the idea)
NOTE: Doorman says: “no kids, no animals.” Dress like a naughty elf in the “night club” (that means sexy,revealing, hot, tight, low cut- in other words like Bobbin on NYE)
RECAP: show up at 1:00 pm at Fantasies, bring a great present, dress like a slut inside, have a lot of fun & laughs. Oh yeah,

TRAIL: A to A, about 4ish miles for runners, 2ish for walkers,
mild-moderate shiggy, some avoidable water (depending on rain/snow)
THANKS- 1:00 pm (note the earlier start time)