August 29, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Check here for more info:

What: Tour-du-Hash 2021, the Coup de Grace Trail!

When: Sunday 8/29; Start time: 14:69

Where: 405 Brockbridge Rd (Brock Bridge ES). Laurel, 20724

Hosted By: BAH3, and your Hares Mud Flaps and Narco LimpDick

Hash Cash: $6

It’s the trail you’ve all been waiting for …. The LAST one. Oh, and what a trail this will be.
The hares are dubbing it the ‘Plan F’ trail.
Is it because it will be F’ing Fantastic? No
Is it because you should Plan for Fun? Not really
Is it because we will FINISH YOU OFF? Yeah right…finish yourself!

No, this is the Plan F trail, because this is literally the 6th attempt at finding a usable trail for you wankers! (F is the 6th letter of the alphabet for those who need the pointer). And let’s be honest, we’re not even sure yet that Plan F will work. We probably won’t know for sure until Saturday. But we’re gonna make it work in the name of our Lord Natty Boh!

Some trail details:

– There will at least 1 trail. If we’re able to manage 2 trails, the 2nd one will be longer than the first.
– The trails will be somewhere between 2 and 8 miles.
– There will be at least 1 beer check and 1 shot check. We’re hoping for more.
– Not stroller friendly. Dogs are probably OK.
– You will need a dry bag (this trail may suck compared to normal BAH3 standards, but it’s still a BAH3 trail).

Important Note! Bikini Challenge – TDH Edition!

This Sunday August 29 the BAH3 Tour Duh Hash Trail will also be a Bikini Challenge! For every person who completes the challenge, a $5 donation will be made to The Humane Society of America

Swimwear can be worn under (or over) your running/hashing attire on trail, but at end you must be in circle wearing swimwear only

What counts as swimwear?

Bikinis, one piece bathing suits, swim briefs/speedos, square cut/boy shorts (less than 3” in), tankini, or mankini. While the following are swimwear they don’t count for this challenge: rash guards, board shorts, wetsuits, trisuits, jammers, legskins, or bodysuits.

Can I go nekkid?
No, not this trail

Hare Contact info:
Narco: 240-381-9502​
Mud Flaps: 443-852-0673