Hash #1388, A Phone Named Gerbil & Free2Lay

August 10, 2014 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
8311 Race Track Road
Bowie, MD 20715

Good luck y’all.

WHO: A Phone Named Gerbil and Free2Lay (703-662-1567 for Gerbil, 301-943-8620 for Free2. If you’re that lost, I wish you the best.)
WHAT: A chance to drink beer, run through the woods, and drink more beer, in Bowie. Bring dry bags and leashed dogs, ignore any and all signs of gun fire, try to dodge the PI and ticks. Good luck with all of that
WHERE: 8311 Race Track Rd, Bowie, MD 20715. It’s somewhere near the Bowie Race Track and, BTW, pay attention to the website and the mailing list, because there’s no way of knowing where it’s actually going to start until it does. On-on!
WHEN: 10 August 2014, 3PM (HST)
WHY: Because there’s nothing better to do on a drizzly Sunday than flail about randomly in the woods
HOW: By car, by boat, by foot and by crook. Oh, and with your $6 hash cash