CCH3 Full Moon, AGM, Trail# 200

November 7, 2020 @ 1:30 pm

Charm City Hash House Harriers Trail # 200 – Zombies v. Pirates

AGM, Full Moon, Trail #200, and the celebration of 9.5 years of Charm City Hashing

(Trail #1 was May 26, 2011)

This will be our 7TH Zombie Trail. In 2012, eight years ago, a fearless harriette, DoMeDecimalDominatrix, attempted to save as many hashers as she could from brain-eating zombies. This year I fear she may have been lost to the politically-active walking dead, who you may meet as you search for your buried treasures.

Now here’s the real story… The zombies are here. They are walking amongst us already; instagramming their concentric stacks of whole wheat pancakes topped with a blood orange reduction, sharing political posts ad nauseum on facebook but then literally doing nothing concrete to further said political agenda, reading twitter……period (unless it is nihilist arby’s twitter… which case-yum!/everything ends and your existence is temporary you poor sentient being).

Wow. How shook are you now? These brainless monsters are amongst you and you probably had little to no idea. Well guess what? They want to eat your sweet, ‘I read things longer than 4 paragraphs occasionally’ brains. And what are you going to do about it? Blog about it like some 14 year old edgelord? No.

No. I will tell you what you are going to do. You are going to come to Charm city. What? Yes you heard me as you read this in your head. You will come to Charm city the weekend of November 6-8th. You will find crash-space if you try hard. You will come to charm city. You will regress to the base pirate that your are deep inside. And you will be amongst a select few other pirates people. You will be with them for the weekend, and you will do pirate non-zombie things. You will drink, you will socialize, you will probably make bad decisions. You will be human. You will act like Jack Sparrow with a bottle of rum. You will make memories, you will gaze into the abyss and say, ‘Argh, I’m fine’, you will look at a stranger and have them look away then you look away when they look at you and the butterflies start and then…they will be gone and you will never see them again. You will be a Pirate. And that’s how you rob the zombies of all their booty…because that’s what it means to be fucking human, robbing booting and saying argh.

Also, if any zombies actually try to eat a brain from one of our pack, they’ll quickly see that we’re half-minds, remember the terrible salty taste of the first half of our brains, and abandon their pursuit of us post haste. So only one of us has to die! Hooray!

Bar Crawl (outdoor) on Friday Night
Trail Saturday Afternoon
Brunch Sunday Morning (in a park)

Details on Hash Rego

Beware COVID Things, Argh

– Masks are Mighty. They should also be part of your costume.
– 6 feet away means I can’t poke you with that mostly fake sword I’m carefully waving around.
– Wash dem hands hon, Argh.
– Been out and about? Coming from far away? Climbing on an airship? Go get a free test done a few days before trail. You’ll cry (Choosy definitely did, but the nurse gave him a sympathy back rub so that’s ok).

AGM means MISMANAGEMENT open season:

Want to get involved with CCH3 administration? Power hungry? Want to get ordained to throw flour at people? Check out the roles and ask to get involved. You can throw your hat in for a specific role, or just join us when we drink and plan things.