CCH3 Trail# 199

October 24, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Date: Saturday October 24, the year of mourning(wood)

Start time: 2 peem or 1400 for very important people (sincerely!!).

Where: Goooooogle Plus Code
69M9+G5 Lansdowne, Maryland
39.233768, -76.632017
Head towards the Southwest Area Park Model Air Flying Field. Go over light rail tracks and keep going. Turn right. Find wankers.

Hares: Judge Prudy (410-707-4456), Seriously 5-10, Facial Profiling (202-568-1608).

Distance: Runners trail will be 4.69-5.69-ish-esque miles. Walker’s trail will be shorter.
Trail is A-A, kiddo and doggo friendly.
Shiggy level is 3.14159…/10 (BAH3 scale) 7/10 (CCH3 scale).
Did I mention that there will be beer?
Also, please use common rules of iso-hashing, bring a mask and such, you know the drill.

Theme: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. The classic movie from 1987 has inspired this trail! Wear something transportation themed!

Senseless convocation:
Are you a wanker feeling wee bit wankerous?
Or a lonely virgin who’s down on their luck?
Are you gleeful or somber or downright cantankerous?
Then come to our trail for we won’t give a fuck!
Whatever you think or lately have felt
Whatever sad tears, grimace, furrow or frown,
Whatever shit hand, this life hath you dealt
Come run, walk, and drink, just drink it down down
For trail we do have, a trail just for you
And beer we will bring keeping sadness at bay
So take all your worries, hesitations eschew
Your melancholy, bring us it, we will flay
For onward and upward and through the tall grass
Come follow the flour, the tp and chalk
Please bring all your parts, brain, legs, heart, and ass
And on wings of Boh you will soar like a hawk!