BAH3 Trail #1832 Felicity Shagwell & The Flasher’s 25th Hashiversary

October 16, 2022 @ 1:00 pm – 5:30 pm
BAH3 Trail #1832 Felicity Shagwell & The Flasher’s 25th Hashiversary
Come out and help us celebrate the 25thHashiversary of Felicity Shagwell & The Flasher as well as the bestowal of a 25-hare hash mug! NOTE: 1pm start time.
Sunday, 10/16/22, 1pm-ish. Please note the earlier start time of 1pm.
Cost: $6 + cost to enter park (see below)
Bobwhite Shelter, Pheasant Run picnic area
Seneca Creek State Park
Hares: Felicity Shagwell, The Flasher, ADIDAS
– Our gracious hares will be providing scrumptious eats after trail and have reserved the Bobwhite Pavillion and will be laying trail the around Seneca Creek State Park.
– There are three grills available, and while the plan is to feed everyone a hawt meal, the option for use is there if someone wants to use it.
– Park entrance fee and directions: Maryland residents have to pay $3 per person to enter the park, out of state $5 per person. To get on the entrance road into the parking for the Bobwhite Pavillion, one follows signs to “Quail Ridge.”