BAH3 Trail #1830 Wuhan Used Clam, Ponyboy, Marco Homo

October 2, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Trail #1830
Sunday, 10/2/22, 3 pm
Start: 9435 Washington Blvd. N.; Laurel, MD 20723
The building right beside the building that houses Jailbreak Brewing Co. (Whatta coincidence!) Navigate to Jailbreak but instead of turning left into their lot turn right in front of “Luxury Party Rentals” and go to the end.
Hares: Wuhan Used Clam, Ponyboy, Marco Homo
Cost: $6
Trail deets:
-dog-friendly (with leash a third to half the time)
-human-friendly with bug spray for mosquitoes, possible chiggers, but NO BEES
-two beer checks, at least one shot check
-feet will get wet, and knees will get wet too if that asshole Hurricane Ian has anything to say about it
A bone-strewn, shiggiriffic jaunt down to Laurel race track, where it’s a live racing day! I was trying to make that a surprise, but the weather looks so bad that we need truth in advertising so the horse-haters and water-soluble folk can be forewarned. Oh, yeah, and walkers’ trail is five miles long, at least. If Ian is TOO much of an ass auto rescues can be effectuated. (520) 255-0093