BAH3 Trail# 1792 Any Cock’ll Do Me, Udderly Vanilla and Miles Ze Dong

January 23, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
BAH3 1792 3 PM Sunday 23 January 2022: The Trail So Shitty One of the Hares Broke Her Own Ankle to Escape It.
To witness this Ugliness for yourselfs, Get thee to the above Gunpowder Lodge Restaurant and Gunpowder Falls Parking at Belair Rd, Nottingham, MD 21236, or maybe you prefer CHG3+F4 Nottingham, Maryland. Park and Hash.
Special Instructions for the Dim Witted: Park where Im telling you. If youre not near a restaurant, you’re in the wrong place. I know you. Its a parking lot along RT1, SW of Gunpowder Falls.
On Out at 3:01 sharp. Don clothing appropriate for Cold AF, bring extra because its colder there than in your front yard. Be prepared to endure long, sullen stares by at least one Hare, a soulless trudge up and down hills for no apparent reason and ending in the same spot you left. You’ll have nothing to show for it, and $6 less in your wallet. There’s probably a fire at the end on the beach near where the Trolls hang out. Maybe there will be swimming.
Hares: Udderly Vanilla, Miles Ze Dong (stunt Haring for Daddy’s Little Screamer), Any Cock’ll Do Me 2406185563