BAH3 Trail# 1785 Lickthyologist & MoreMen Pukes Tonight

December 5, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Lions, tigers, and hares oh my! Join us for trail this Sunday through Watkins Park. There may be Christmas lights but it may or may not be dark enough to enjoy them. While we can’t actually promise lions, there may be some other animals to see if you just follow the yellow shiggy road…
Who: The hares will be Lickthyologist & MoreMen Pukes Tonight
What: Trail #1785 through the land of Oz
When: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! December 5th 2021, Pack away at 3:01 pm Sharp!, don’t be late!
Perrywood Elementary School
501 Watkins Park Dr, Largo, MD 20774
Park it in the rear of the school
Cost: $6
Additional trail notes:
Dry Bag: Always a good idea!
Friendlies: Tough dog friendly, tough kid friendly




BAH3 Trails during the Winter Season

Traditionally (and in the before times) BAH3 trails were known to be shorter during colder weather and reduced daylight hours as compared to summer months of lingering start times and longer trails. Mismanagement would like to remind our hares and hashers of some simple reminders for trails during the winter hashing season.


Of note, as hares during a shorter daylight period, please make a concerted effort to lay a trail that allows both walkers and runners who start trail at 3:01pm to make it to the end of trail prior to complete darkness. This most likely means laying a shorter trail, getting hashers in/out of beer check (and most likely only one beer check on trail), as well as probable limitations to the amount of shiggy as it slows the pack down (a bummer for those of us that love shiggy but a necessary precaution during short daylight trails).

As the hare always remember you know where trails go, but if a hasher can’t find trail marks or spends lots of time looking for trail marks (ie, deep or hard to solve checks), it takes much longer for the pack or individual hashers to solve trail. A good recommendation is to lay heavy, easily seen marks for trail so there are no issues with hashers enjoying what you have in store for them.

If as a hare you are dead set on either being oblivious or ignoring these recommendations, please be prepared to sweep your trail (aka, go find all the hashers still out on trail and help them to the ON-IN).


During the winter hashing season and reduced daylight hours, our glorious RA tries to send out the pack at 3:01pm sharp! If you decide to show up late to trail, come prepared to solve trail alone and potentially miss wonderful beverages on trail. You’ll also need to bring some sort of cranium lamp or other light source so you can find trail.


BAH3 Mismanagement