BAH3 Trail# 1755 I Cum in the Land Down Under, Gaypalm, Squish Squash Queef

May 23, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

TRAIL #1755


The Freakness never dies! We’re going balls deep with the equestrian theming this weekend! And since you asked, yes we’re talking about balls deep on horse cock dildos. We’re even changing up trail names! We’ll be providing Stallion (super eagle), Quarter horse (eagle), and Pony (turkey/walkers) trails, on which you might actually stumble upon those same animals! Cum prepared to ride that bucking bronco, because this cart horse trail is going to be bumpy.


Because we love you (and obviously you love us, duh!), we have decided to bestow upon you land previously untainted by BAH3!

– 2225 Littlestown Pike, Westminster, MD 21158 in the parking lot AAALLLL the way back


We already told you, silly! Because we LOOOOVE you! Also because it is Down Under’s birthday trail, and obviously we have do SOMETHING fun.


Squish Squash Queef, I Love the Smell of Gaypalm in the Morning, and I Cum in the Land Down Under (269-447-9328).

Because we care about servicing our customers, comments, questions, and concerns will receive little to no response in 5-7 business days.


Don’t know, don’t care. Something will happen. Not sure what. All I knows is there will be beer! But also bring your own, in case our swill is too FaNcY.