BAH3 Trail# 1748 Princess Jizzmine, Fish Eye Between Her Thighs, & Old Forgetful

April 4, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Trail #1748: Easter Trail: A Blasphemous Event
Since some of you wankers can’t get enough of trail, I’m posting trail notes early!
Cum join these half minds in a trail that is dedicated to the cumming of our great Lord Natty Boh. May you be baptized in the muddy water, eat of the orange food, and drink of the shitty beer he has provided to keep us nourished.
Who is to blame for this blasphemous and shitty trail? Princess Jizzmine, Fish Eye Between Her Thighs, and Old Forgetful
When: Sunday, 4/4 (yes, yes Easter Sunday), by 3peeeeem
Why: Because we like shitty trails
Where: North Four Corners Local Park
315 University Blvd W, SS, MD (google it)
What can you expect:
Some water crossings, some rock scrambling, hopefully nice weather . . . Maybe some beer, maybe some food . . .
Runners: 6ish miles with shiggy level 6
Walkers: 4ish miles with shiggy level 4
But who really know on the day off? Hares lie.
Can’t wait to see you all out there!
PJ, Forgetful, & Fish Eye
David Davis Jordyn Chuck