BAH3 Trail# 1730 All Day I Dream About Sausage

November 29, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Trail # 1730
Post Thanksgiving trail: An Iso Rehash

Cost: As much as the beer and orange food you bring yourself. Otherwise, free.

What: A trail, mostly in the woods, some necessary pavement. An air temperature case of Bohs left in the woods if you can beat the delinquent teenagers to it.

Who: all day I dream about sauage (complaints: 301-641-7426) and whoever shows up to do trail

When: Sunday 11/29, should be ready by 13:00

Where: Savage Mill, the big parking lot. 39.136370, -76.828672

Why: The hare is lazy and has a trail that only 8 of you wankers did. Seems it’ll be new to most of you. And let’s make Wincopin the new Patapsco. Plus it’s the giving season, and it’s one of those places I can give everyone the gift of tunnel. (It’s really a new trail, except the parts we hashed years or weeks ago, hopefully you drank too much to remember.)

Strollers: NO!
Dogs: Leashed if you hate them, leave them home if you love them

***BYOE. Definitely bring your dry bag. You might want a cranium lamp, but won’t need one.***