BAH3 Trail# 1726 Daddy’s Little Screamer, Etherpussy, Bambi’s Bitch, & Jr Bacon Heaveburger

November 1, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

WHAT: BAH3 Trail# 1726! A Halloween Adventure!

WHEN: SUNDAY NOVEMBER 1st! 1peem Spooky!!!

*****Updated info!!!!****

4-5 miles for runners, less for zombies (walkers)

Pups πŸ‘ leash those hounds!
Strollers πŸ‘Ž

*****Cranium lamp could come in handy.*****

Costumes encouraged! C’mon, you’ll have an extra hour to get them figured out.

Join the dastardly hares as they weave a tale of woe and fright through the woods (hopefully) of Skullumbia! Meet at the unholiest of hours 1peem or don’t. BLAAH!!! Gather 6ft apart from everyone! Cover face because it scares people! Of course, during this tale you will find a SCREAMER to warn you in epic fashion of your upcoming demise. When you meet the villain of the tale, they will be accompanied by their equally vile PUSSY, ready to claw your eyes out. And what great Halloween tale wouldn’t have a good HEAVEBURGER, full of color, chunks and probably corn. But how you ask? How did this whole tale begin? BAMBI’s poor parents were murdered in cold blood (hopefully turned into sweet sweet jerky, mmmmm) and left the innocent creature to wander hopelessly. πŸ™ Will you find beer? Will there be anyone to save you if you are lost? Who knows? This is what you get when you let Beetlejizz type your trail notes.

WHO: Daddy’s Little Screamer, Etherpussy, JR. Bacon HeaveBurger, Bambi’s Bitch

WHERE: Broken Land of Dreams, Pork and Grind
(west side)
9601 Broken Land Prky
Skullombia MD, 21406



More details to cum????