BAH3 Trail# 1718 – A Phone Named Gerbil, Judge Prudy, Facial Profiling, Just Brian

September 6, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

What: BAH3 Trail #1718

When: Sunday September 6th, the year god willed and the creek rose making everything wet and bad

Where: 8701 Stonehouse Drive, Ellicott City MD 21043

Hares: 410-707-4456
A Phone Named Gerbil
Facial Profiling 202-568-1608
Judge Prudy 410-707-4456
Just Brian

Expect: Water, pavement, ticks, a beer or shot check.

Bring: Dry bag, dry clothes, bug spray, drink / orange food for after.

Come hashers, those single and those now betrothed
Come with your main squeeze, come dressed or unclothed
For Sunday this coming, we have made for you
A trail you can frolic, a trail you can screw
As in our tradition you’re bound to get soaked
And if you are frisky, please poke or get poked
But I stray from the point, from the meaning of this
I’ve come to invite you to a Sunday of bliss
So come now and traipse, shuffle, jog, plod, or trudge,
To a trail laid by yours truly Prudy the Judge
And bring all your woes worries frets and despairs
To lay them on flour of last minute hares
Exchange them for woods, for drinks and high jinks
And please won’t you bring your pet Canadian lynx?