BAH3 Trail# 1712 – ZZ Bottom III, Chix Won’t Stick, Bobbin 4 Buttplugs

July 26, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

Trail will be set on Sunday July 26th by 1169, or at least that’s the plan as long as the shoe sucking mud complies.

Theme: Return to Jug Bay.
Just the tip (of campouts past), just for a second, just to see how it feels. The hares encourage wankers to sport themes from campouts past like Bungle in the Jungle, Vacation Bible School, Lebowski, Boh-barella, Under-appreciated Superheroes, Pimps and Hoes, Prom, and … Naked & Afraid (boo!)

Hares: ZZ Bottom III, Bobbin 4 Buttplugs, & Chix Won’t Stick

D’erections: Columbia Air Center, Jug Bay Natural Area

16091 Croom Airport Rd, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

Q73R+C5 Upper Marlboro, Maryland

There are limited parking spots at start, but you can park on the side of the road near start without fear of being ticketed. Do not attempt to park behind locked gates unless you are into iso-camping overnight.

Trail Details: mixture of trails with varying degrees of shiggy (dependent on trail) with one beer check; recommend dry bags and your own hydration; no headlamp needed; not stroller friendly

Meandering jaunt- 3.5ish miles

BOH and go- 5ish miles

Pleasant shiggy- 6ish miles

Shit-show/BJ3- 8ish miles (revisit some of SMUTTy Crab H3 trail from Saturday); you get what you get

Unfortunately, the Patuxent River Park pavilion is still closed, but other areas of the park are open to daily use. The hares will either be hanging out at the beer check or at picnic tables behind the huge barn near the pavilion to hear your tales from trail and let you know you’re never too old to spend quality time in the land of pleasant shiggy.

In case of trouble contact one of the hares at 301-910-9975, 615-336-8944, or 301-922-2890.