BAH3 Trail# 1684 – White Elephant! Trail & Gift XXX-Change

January 19, 2020 @ 1:00 pm
Fantasies Night Club
5520 Pennington Avenue

At the Titty bar.

WHERE: the parking lot of Fantasies Night Club
5520 Pennington Avenue, Baltimore, Md. (the same as last year)
HARES: At Your Cervix, Ponyboy, Crash Test & Beetlejizz
COST: $6.00
WHY: because its a great excuse to keep the Christmas spirit alive before
the gloom and doom of the current administration
WHAT to give you ask. $25 max. Here are some memorable gifts from Elephants past
the box of VHS porn (w/a VHS player)(now its on a flash drive)
the “Dummies guide to Anal” so coveted by Little Flour
the statue of Jesus playing soccer with the little children
The sad clown picture signed by all previous recipients
Evil Jesus’ 3 year old hashing shoes & by accident his brand new ones
the Home Depot gift card with $0 on it, Beer, Alcohol, Hashy Stuff
(I think you get the idea)
NOTE: Doorman says: “no kids, no animals.” Dress like a naughty elf in the “night club” (that means sexy,revealing, hot, tight, low cut- in other words like Bobbin on NYE)
RECAP: show up at 1:00 pm at Fantasies, bring a great present, dress like a slut inside, have a lot of fun & laughs. Oh yeah,

TRAIL: A to A, about 4ish miles for runners, 2 1/2ish for walkers,
mild-moderate shiggy, some avoidable water (depending on rain/snow)
THANKS- 1:00 pm (note the earlier start time)