BAH3 Trail# 1683 – Front Load Her, Verbal Diarrhea, Princess Jizzmine, Lickity Splitz Down the Pole, Unleash the Furrry

January 12, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

Trail # 1863 Like Oh my God! It’s like another trail! The theme is so basic ya’ll – Basic White Bitch. Wear your fraternity/sorority attire or like some uggs and leggings and a cute outfit. Just look cute OMG. #hairflip. I mean really there will be a beer check and a wine check. Bring your cutest dry shoes/bag because your pedicures will get wet! For reals. There will be pumpkin spice latte Jello-Shots. #PSLJS. I can’t even!! And like mimosas to help any of the hares from the hare party not get scurvy. There will be playgrounds and like prickers but like no one should fall out a tree this week. #deepcut #ewwie #bloodontrail #notetanus

Here’s more deets:
When – Sunday, January 12th, 3PM
Runners – 5ish miles. Walkers – Like a 5k.
The hairs: 4 women with VD (Unleash the Furrry, Lickity Splitz Down the Pole, Princess Jizzmine, Front Load Her)
Pre-lube/Start: The Farmers Market at River Hill. There will be mimosas 12165 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville, MD 21029
On-After: River Hill Grille
Cute guests #babies #dogs: Okay for walkers trail. Those chunky cheeks will fall out the stroller on runners trail
Lights: Bring a cranium lamp if you want but it will SO mess up your hair! #staycute. You shouldn’t need one.