BAH3 Trail# 1675 – I Cum in the Land Down Under, Likety Splitz Down the Pole, Any Cock’ll Do Me, Just Rebecca

November 17, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Prescription Pad for Trail #1675
It’s the weekly celebration of Nurse Practitioners which coincides with Veterans Day! It only happens once a year! To control all of the medical compatriots and our wild Veterans that need rounding up – dogs are wanted! Down Under will be the doggie pack leader keeping us in check (or making ya’ll do some checks). Don’t let your neighborhood pole dancing nurse or our wacky tacky costume wearing RA down! Wear your favorite medical attire! Have a urinal you haven’t used in awhile? Have a bedpan that someone actually used at Unwedding and hasn’t been the same since? Mad scientist costume that makes you look like you know where your knee bone is connected to? Dogs are openly invited but will need leashes.
Pre-Op and Post Op Appointment Location: Old Major – 900 South Carey Street, Baltimore MD
Surgical Procedure to Be Performed: Trail A to A
Operating Room: Price Right – 1205 W. Pratt Street
Intraoperative Medications: 2 shots, 1 beer
Possible Surgical Complications: 1 water crossing, shiggy along Gwynn’s Falls
Operating Surgeons: I Cum In the Land Down Under, Any Cock’ll Do Me, Lickity Splitz
Down the Pole, Just Rebecca
Operative Assistants: Titan, any other fun dogs Surgical
Notes: One of the surgeons just went to Boston and has two different checks to offer. Dogs invited to pre-op and post-op area.