BAH3 Trail# 1669 – (69 Beer Check)Ponyboy, At Your Cervix, Crash Test, Princess Jizzmine & more

October 6, 2019 @ 1:00 pm
It’s happening! The biggest bi-anal trail around, the 69 beer check trail!  Legend has it that every 100 trails, when the stars align and our lord Natty Boh blesses the trail number with a 69, we throw an extra special trail where we drink some beer.  How much beer? 69. 69 beer. Is your liver up for it?  Are you one of the lucky few that will get to partake in all 69 cans? Will there be extra special treats? So many questions! Show up at 1PM and see what all the fuss is about.
What: 69 beer check trail

When: Sunday, October 6th @ 1:00pm (note specail start time)

Hares away @ 12:69pm

Where: the Park n Ride on Rte 195 & S.Rolling Road in Catonsville

Cost: $6.00 American

Hares: lots of them, too many to list

Trail notes:  no animals, no kids, no cranky people. Runners & walkers share a trail. It’s A to A. I’ve heard it’s a fun trail to do.

At Your Cervix#: 301-807-4822

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