BAH3 Trail# 1663 – Power of the Pussy 19th Annual Trail

September 15, 2019 @ 1:00 pm
Eastport Elementary School
420 5th Street
MD 21403

19th Annual Power of the Pu$$y

DATE: Sunday, 15 September 2019 ~~~~~ 1 PM (1300 hours)

START: Eastport Elementary School, 420 5th Street,

Annapolis, MD 21403 (between Severn and Chesapeake Ave)

THEME: Lions Tigers Kittens… animal print! Ears! BRING ID.

DRESS UP Wear your most festive animal print. Grab some FUR, ears and a tail!

Special dress code for part of trail – no tank tops for men, women may need a cover.

TRAIL: A to Z LENGTH: Runner: 6+, Walker: 4ish. SHIGGY: cobblestone walkways and fields.

Walker’s and Runner’s Trails are mostly stroller friendly (there are steps)

Walkers have a real trail, no maps, no following a hare.

Hashers may move between either trail as all have same shot and beer checks

Bag vehicle provided

Dogs: not thru restricted area nor apres.

CHECKS: 1 beer check and 3 shot checks (featuring Pussy Port o’Crème) FOR EVERYONE

COST: $6 to BAH3 the hosting kennel

APRÈS: Fleet Reserve Club, 100 Compromise St, Annapolis, 21401 (ON THE HARBOR)

Dixie Quickie is host and will sign us in. (members only parking)


HARES: For Sale or Rent, Blond Roots, Dyke Tyson, Shit Out of Luck

KITTENS – Fire in the Hole and Dixie Quickie

ForSaleOrRent mobile: 571-296-4000


From Washington DC and Virginia:

Approx 30 minutes from DC Beltway and Rt 50 (allow ample time for traffic congestion over drawbridge)

East on Rt 50 to Exit 24, Rowe Blvd (MD 70 S)

RIGHT at end of ramp.

** Bear RIGHT at split to Church Circle. About ½ way around, make a …

RIGHT on Duke of Gloucester St. go to end. If miss turn, go around circle again!

RIGHT on Compromise Street, over drawbridge. (Compromise Street becomes 6th Street)

LEFT at 1st light on Severn Avenue, then immediate

RIGHT onto 5th Street, find wankers just past the school entrance.

(5th is one-way between Severn and Chesapeake)

From Baltimore, MD

Approx 35 minutes from Baltimore Beltway and I-97

Find your way to I-97 S, stay LEFT at fork.

East on Rt 50 to Exit 24, Rowe Blvd (MD 70 S)

RIGHT at end of ramp. ** SEE ABOVE **


Street parking is free in Eastport.

CALVERT STREET PARKING GARAGE is free all day, located at 19 St Johns St, long walk to start.

Directions: After exiting Rt 50, cross College Creek, stay straight (do not bear right at split) and make 1st LEFT on Calvert, LEFT on St Johns and LEFT into garage.

OTHER GARAGES: BEFORE 1 PM these are free on Sunday, must leave before 1 or charged for whole day.

Folks with DOD CAC card may park on Naval Academy for free.


BRUNCH OPTIONS//coming in early…. No one central meeting point identified for pre-lube.

on water: Pusser’s Landing (, Carrols Creek (, ChartHouse.

best seafood brunch ($16.95) for the money – Buddy’s (

BEST crab cakes and local color go to Chick and Ruth’s Delly (

And a hundred more…….. Davis’ Pub in East Port, Rams’s Head, Galway Bay, Harry Browns, Chesapeake Brewery etc.

HISTORY: This Power of the Pussy (PotP) trail was created by White House H3 harriettes which was the later inspiration for the Chicago POP event. The creative mastermind was Crack Shot, an ER nurse. She heard a co-worker say ‘power of the pussy’ and a trail was created. The original hares have moved away or stopped hashing but the thought of bringing hashers together to discover Annapolis through trail and beverages has remained a constant. It is only the haring that is limited to harriettes, all hashers are welcome to attend. Spinal Tap was given special approval once since it was his birthday and there have been stunt and phantom pussies as well. PotP has no affiliation with harriette only kennels.

DESCRIPTION: follow your choice of runner’s or walker’s trail (or switch between) up and down through the alleys and cobblestone streets of historic Annapolis. Trail is never far from the harbor or water which surrounds the city. BRING ID

Do not stray from trail and risk missing one of the 4 beverage checks set on or overlooking the water. Ample time is allowed for all hashers to gather at the checks before moving on. Most importantly do not follow or listen to hashers who say ‘last year it went that way or the check was there’. Every year trail is turned around and check locations are moved to keep it interesting and show off different parts of the city, so please listen to the hares. The hares may not know what they are doing but they do know where trail goes.

TRAIL MARKINGS: Trail is marked in chalk, chalk balls to be exact. No flour.

Checks are ‘kitty cat’ circles. False trails/Bad trails are marked BT.

Back Checks are marked BC and the number of marks to go back to find true trail, as in ‘BC6’

True trail – arrow with 3 Bars. –|–|–|—-

There will be song stops/halts, these are not checks, so stop, sing a song and move along in the same direction. There will also be photo/vista stops, again these are not checks, so pause, snap, and move along.

At times there will be an arrow with “#1 -”, or “#2 –”, etc, this is the correct way to the next beverage check. This is not the same as a BN (beverage near). It’s not around the corner. Hopefully some folks can count so you know if you’ve been to #1 you need to go to #2, etc.

The location of the beverage check may have a circle with a # in it. Some rac!sts may reach this mark before the hares show up with the beverage so please wait. Traffic may be an issue.