BAH3 Trail# 1659 -DC Full Moon: Gunna Probably Spew, Old Forgetful and Princess Jizzmine

August 17, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
1705 MD-410
Silver Spring
MD 20910

What: August DC Full Moon Trail (BAH3 Super Soft Birthday Edition)
Where: 1705 MD-410, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (park in the spots with a V painted on them if you aren’t metro’ing)
Nearest Metro: Silver Spring (Approx. 0.25 miles away)
When: Starts 5 PM
What: If you aren’t going to be at Lingerie Shiggyfest, why not come help GPS celebrate the beginning of his quasi successful 32nd orbit around the Sun with good beer and questionable trail (or is that the other way around?). Cohorts Princess Jizzmine and Old Forgetful will be the in full effect, fully affecting everything. Trail will be your typical GPS-sponsored adventure, you may get a little wet, you may get a tad muddy, and you might get a tad (t)horny.

The start time of 5 should give us plenty of time to finish up and head out to a rousing on after of all of the finest breweries Silver Spring has to offer. The visitor parking is ample and unlimited, minimal crash space could be available as well!

In no particular order, the three main spots will be: Silver Branch Brewing Company, Astro Labs Brewing, and Denizen’s. On After-After can be at Quarry House for late night grub, but there’s also that super shady looking 24 hour diner in downtown Silver Spring as well…