BAH3 Trail# 1646 – Late Night Drive Thru and Ass Spelunker

May 12, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
14901 Layhill Rd
Aspen Hill
MD 20906
What: BAH3 Trail #1646
When: 5/12/19 3pm
Where: Layhill Local Park – 14901 Layhill Rd, Aspen Hill, MD 20906
Start directions: Meet in the last parking lot at the end of the park road
Hares: Late Nite Drive Thru, Ass Spelunker, and a mystery hare
How Much: $6
Trail Description: A-A, not stroller friendly, runners will definitely get wet, high PI and tick/bug likelihood, tough dog friendly if you like the smell of wet dog, walkers will have little or no pavement and may possibly get wet
On-after: possibly Azucar Bar & Grill? 14418 Layhill Rd
Hare’s phone: 757-636-2524
(m) 240.274.3707