BAH3 Trail# 1629 –Any Cock

January 13, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
Towsers Branch (Dog) Park
Towsers Branch Park
MD 21113


What: A shitty trail, just barely enough to get invited to the exclusive Hare Party. Sorry if you’re not on The List.
When: Pack away at 3 pee em sharp Sunday 13 January 2019.
Where: Towsers Branch (Dog) Park, Odenton, MD 21113. 
Who: Fans of mediocrity, shopping malls, free used tires, historically accurate rock piles, getting squashed by a dump truck or possibly getting shot by an arrow. Also Dogs. Good Doggie.
Why: Because I wanted to go to the Hare Party.
Notes: No one will like this trail. it is the perfect combination of short, senseless, and annoying with just enough pavement to enrage you. Plenty of predictable backchecks. I have arranged for unpleasant weather. Dress appropriately. And by that i mean Slutty. Tho you might want to wear Hi Vis attire so you are not mistaken as a target. Its that time of year.
Hares Cell: 240 618 5563