BAH3 Trail #1621 – Dude, That Guy, Beer and a Bag Full of Dildos…Good Times, Can U Not Tinkle, Don’t have ONE

November 18, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Harmans Park
Hanover, MD 21076

What: BAH3 trail 1621. AKA “that time BBD forgot that she told Don’t Have One that he could do his annual Thanksgiving trail and she then committed to doing something completely different bc babies and she wasn’t even on ambien this time” trail.

Why: Crapple, beer, trail, a tunnel just for Screamer, a back-check for the runners, maybe a rum-ham, a casino, still probably no 25-hare mug for BBD. You know. The usual. OH, and maybe multiple cute tiny little hash caused babies! 

Where: Harman’s Park. 7605 ridge chapel rd. Hanover. 

When: Sunday. November 18. 3peem. Like actual it’s dark early on-out at 3. 

Who: Hares are BBD (585-748-7515), Tinx, Dude that Guy (703-999-8479), Don’t Have One 

How (much): 6 dollars. Unless you do well at the casino, then it’s 50% of your winnings to the hares. 

Also: bring some dry socks and shoes. You precious feetsies will get wet. And a light if you get very scared in a tunnel you can see the end from the start. Most all of trail is not dog friendly but surprisingly baby/stroller friendly. Feel free to wear your turkey hat. 

Prelube: DuClaw. At the mall. 

On-After: idk. Wherever. Maybe we get really drunk and go to Medieval Times.. Or Dave&Busters. Or TGIF. So many options.