BAH3 Trail #1600 -Candy Cornhole!

July 15, 2018 @ 1:30 pm
Lake Shore Recreation Area
8270 Bodkin Ave Pasadena
MD 21122

What: BAH3 Trail 1600

When: 1330 (That’s 1:30 for you non-military folk)

Where: Lake Shore Recreation Area Lake Shore, MD 21122

WANKS. I am not a storyteller or writer of great trail notes. All I know is that I know how to go through some woods and buy some adult beverages for you to partake. So cum one cum all to the BAH3 1600 trail to enjoy some particularly shitty shiggy and possible trespassing (don’t worry it won’t result in fines for anyone).   TRAIL: A to B. Shiggy. Not stroller friendly unless you want to lift that thing over bushes and shit. Doggos can try to make their way but the 2nd half isn’t very hospitable. You might get mucky and wet.


Hares: Candy Cornhole!