BAH3 Trail #1599 – Bic In The Dick, Bambi’s Bitch, & Gonna Probably Spew

What: Trail# 1599
Who: Bic in the Dick, Bambi’s Bitch, Gonna Probably Spew
Where: 39.092917, -76.635018
1127 Benfield Boulevard, Millersville, MD
Head all the way to the western end of Benfield Boulevard, then take a left (south) and look for wankers hiding in the shade overlooking the drainage pond.
When: 3:00 pee em hash-standard-time
Why: If you remember a similar trail from last year, you’re completely wrong – it will be completely different from that disaster.Featuring berry bushes, refreshing water, and innumerable small crawly friends!Slather on sunblock. Douse yourself with insect repellant. Wear all your shiggy socks at once. A to A.
Bring a dry bag, or just stand in the sun for a few minutes.
Not advised to bring weak, whiny hashers who may melt in the heat.
Gina’s Cantina
722 Generals Hwy, Millersville, MD 21108