BAH3 Trail #1585 – Any Cock’ll do Me and Gunna Probably Spew

March 25, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Odenton Shopping Center

what: A trail run in the woods mostly
when: 3pee em sunday mar 25 HST
where: 39.079289, -76.687403 is your parking lot in Odenton Shopping Center, Odenton MD 21113. Park in front of nearby Goodwill and Fresenius Kidney Care, along Odenton Road. Our On After spot, Riconcitos Mexicano, 1103c Odenton Rd, also there.
why: you are desperate and friendless or maybe you were a loser and missed out on best GDR ever and now have tragic FOMO
notes especial: lovely trail running in very open woods, not too much bushwhacking, lots of shortcut opportunities, good sightlines, you might get wet. off road stroller friendly. religious services in private yard with deluxe orange food, select craft brews. optional nudity, obscenity, senseless drinking, casual sex.
Hare cell
anycock 2406185563
just FB him or something

On On

Today Secret Extra notes for trail start, prelube, and campout meeting at 220pm

After you park at Odenton Shopping Center Odenton MD 21113 near Goodwill,
cross Odenton Rd at crosswalk. boring house with high wooden fence, all tiresomely dull, is your target. (39.0786059,-76.6866058)
Enter the wooden fence. drink delicious beers. Hash.