BAH3 Trail# 1719 BJ3 – The Sorry No Camp Out Trail!

September 13, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

What: BAH3 trail 1719!
When: Sunday September 13th!

Time: whenever his dumbass says he’s done!

Why: A celebration of negative results!!!

*a headlamp is suggested, by doable without*

Where: His Ramshackle
5032 Branchville Road

Your Hare Razor will be setting a trail that you’ll dislike and complain about.. I mean, that’s what hashers do best.

There will be beer supplied (even for you glutards) to drink your sorrows away about not having a camp out. How we all will miss the sounds of ALOHA on Sunday morning. I’ll have tube meat of some fashion on the grill for anyone that wants some.

If you were at the August 30th trail and didn’t get tested that’s not cool…

There will be a runners and walkers trail of standard BAH3 lengths. But it’s possible I’ll be drinking on trail and forgot to set walkers…

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