BAH3 #1528 Anycock & GPS

March 5, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saddlebrook East Community Park
8311 Race Track Rd
Bowie, MD 20715
Any Cock
703 346 3066

BAH3 Trail 1528
what the best trail. were gonna have the best trail, by far, all the best things. its gonna be tremendous. its got that haunted racetrack- haunted like you wouldn’t believe- make your head spin- and all the mud. all the best mud. tremendous, tremendous trail. a big beautiful trail and you know what? we are not paying for it. Im not paying. some suckers are paying for it.$6 bucks a head. im not paying.
why they said we couldn’t set a trail like this. said we couldn’t. the shiggy would be terrible, nobody respects our swamps anymore, our thorns are weak. not anymore. oh we set a trail alright. and you know what? everybody loves it. loves it. its got everything. hills and that dirt that everyone says is so hard to get? well we got it, we got plenty of it. dirt everywhere. all over the place. and trees? more trees than you can count. something for everyone. runners. walkers. whatever you call that craigsfist guy. and that kid that screams all the time whatshername. everybody. and we got the best team, the best people. rufus. rufus is going to be there.
when pack away sunday 3pm march 5
who whatever
where Saddlebrook East Community Park. 8311 Race Track Rd, Bowie, MD 20715. Drive in. Look for wankers. Park and Hash.
On After location TBD but it will be, very, very, good. probly the best youve ever seen. in fact. ill guarantee it. the best.
extraneous make sure you wear your outside play clothes and bring dry warm ones fo da apres trail. anycock cell 703 346 3066.

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