BAH3 #1508 Incredible Edible Shmegg & Surprise Hares

October 16, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Listen up Wankers!

Oct. 16 trail is normal 3 PM start time somewhere in Hyattsville. Trail details will be provided when I figure it out. This message is for an extra special pre-lube event at noon on the 16th.

So trail is regular start time 3PM. Got that?

Now for the pre-lube: It’s the 11th annual Greenbelt Triathlon. Non-racists, please keep reading. The event starts at Buddy Attick Park (Greenbelt Lake) with sign-in at noon. At 1PM sharp, participants r*n 2 laps around the lake (total 2.4 miles), then bike to Frankliln’s in Hyattsville on the route of your choice (about 7 miles), then enter Franklin’s, order and drink 2 pints of a carbonated beverage (most prefer beer but soda with no ice is allowed). More info at

See you there!